Back to Bangkok, A City I Once Called Home

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing as well as I am! :)

First off sorry for not updating the blog for a bit. I was traveling and between saying goodbye to my family in Israel and just enjoying my time with a very special person whom I don’t get to see as much as I would like to in Bangkok I didn’t have a lot of spare time…

So after Spending an amazing month and a half at home with family and friends it was time to continue on to the next part of my journey.

The plan was to head over to Phuket, Thailand and train with the guys over at Phuket Top Team, but since I had lived in Bangkok for a while and had a lot of friends there I decided to drop by and hang out for 2 weeks before heading over to Phuket.
Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in the world and I always feel at home there. In all honesty if the BJJ scene there could fulfill my competition needs I would easily move there today and I can’t rule out the possibility that one day in the future after I’m done competing I’ll find myself back there teaching.

While I was there, aside from hanging out with old friends I worked rigorously on my yoga practice with kru Minyoung and saw some major major improvements. I also got to train with some of my old training partners and had a blast!

Anyway here’s how Bangkok looks through my eyes.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and I’m happy to say that I should have a new microphone by next week and the sound quality of the entries will improve! :)

Bangkok: yoga, friends and BJJ

Bangkok: Yoga, Friends and BJJ

BJJ Religion and The Hybrid Pass

Hey guys, hope everyone is awesome!

So like some of you guys have seen from Facebook and previous blog posts I’m now affiliated with BJJ Religion and

If you’re a follower of the blog then you know the extremes that I put myself through in order to be successful and how I try to nitpick at all the details of becoming a successful BJJ player from technique, to yoga, to nutrition and so on. Choosing a proper Gi to compete in is no different in my opinion as it can make life much easier in competition. In the first part of the video I’ll show why I choose to compete in my BJJ Religion Genesis Gi.

As for the technique portion, I really try to take away the best aspects I can from every teacher I study under and mesh it all together for optimal efficiency.  This refined technique is the result of that and my implementation of Kobe Bryant’s drilling philosophy (which has been a total game changer!). I think it’s pretty solid and I’m very happy and proud that I’m in a place where I’m starting to amass enough conceptual knowledge of BJJ to be able to play around and string moves like this together! With that being said please let me know if you find any holes in it!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

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P.S. If you have problems balancing and staying steady while stepping on people’s feet, then working a little bit on your knee stability can do wonders. If you don’t know how to go about it check out the video I made called: ”Top 3 Knee Stability Exercises for BJJ” video at

BJJ Religion and The Hybrid Pass

BJJ Religion and The Hybrid Pass


Brazlian Jew Jitsu – A Day in the Land of the Zohan

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing?

So I’m back home and back to my normal training routine. I wanted to publish a blog entry about how my day to day life in Israel looks as well show you guys how the BJJ scene out  here is… And yeah, sorry, but I had to throw the Zohan bit in there. lol. No one messes with the Zohan!

On a personal note I’m really enjoying being back. My family is nothing short of amazing  and I’m so grateful that I get to have people of their quality around me. Training is going well, everyone is super friendly and it’s really awesome to see how everyone is supporting my journey and trying to help however they can.

Like you guys are about to see I’ve been training with the MMA Israel crew and they are a great group of guys. I’ve been doing about 8 sessions of BJJ a week and about 2-3 more conditioning workouts.

The only downside on this visit so far is something that I’ve noticed and can’t be ignored, which is my fading interest in what some of my friends, aside from a select few, are into nowadays. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I probably went through a couple years worth of crazy experiences since I was last home and that kind of excelled some things in my personal outlook on life or the fact that I’ve truly adopted the BJJ lifestyle, but it’s getting gradually harder for me to truly enjoy myself around the majority of people that I know from my age group and connect. It’s kind of weird and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I would love to hear if anyone else has gone through something like this.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this video blog entry and let me know what you want to see of Israel and I’ll try to make it happen.

Also in case you didn’t notice from FB and such I got picked up by BJJ Religion and! I really love their Gi and will be posting up a review about it as well as showing a high percentage pass + choke combo where having a Gi like their’s makes everything much easier in an upcoming episode. Make sure to stay tuned for it!

P.S. The soundtrack is an awesome calibration by Infected Mushroom and Berry Sakharov called “Yomoledet”. They’re both Israeli artists and Infected are one of my favorites to listen to while working out. I highly recommend checking them out on Youtube!

Jew Jitsu at MMA Israel

Jew Jitsu at MMA Israel