Soi Tadied – Phuket’s MMA/BJJ Road

Hey guys, hope everyone’s doing great!

In this week’s video blog entry I wanted to share with you guys the reason I chose to move to Phuket, Thailand for a bit and how the BJJ/MMA scene here looks like.
“The Road” is something very unique and I haven’t seen anything like it throughout my travels. It’s pretty much a fighters’ oasis and offers anything you could ever want or need in order to live the BJJ lifestyle.
Hope you enjoy and I hope this will help spread awareness of how awesome this place is and convince more people to head over to Thailand for an awesome “traincation”!
Feel free to comment, share and pass this along to anyone who’s thought of coming over to train in Thailand!

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BJJ Road - Phuket, Thailand

BJJ Road – Phuket, Thailand



Knee On Belly Drills for Improved Top Game Mobility With BJJ BB Dan Simmler

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing?

Last month I had a really good friend of mine, Dan Simmler who’s a black belt under Renzo Gracie and Mat Serra, come down to Phuket for a BJJ “traincation” and he was willing to share some techniques for the blog.

I met Dan through BJJ when I was just starting out (as you’ll hear about in the video) and I kept bumping into him in Thailand and Brazil. Every time we would meet we would train together and I was so impressed with his jits and his teaching style that I actually ended up going to his academy to study under him for almost 3 months.

The guys over at WMMA were all super cool and welcoming. While there I really sharpened my game up by adding great details to everything that already existed in my tool belt while also adding some new moves that are now staples in my game. Me and Dan also found it hysterical to see how people’s jaws dropped when during my last day there he addressed the fact that I’m leaving and also mentioned that for the entirety of my stay there I slept on the mats… The looks on some of the guys faces were priceless. lol.

In this video he’s going to show some awesome knee on belly/ top game mobility drills. He showed me these drills when I was training at his place and they really helped bring my top game up to a new level. I’m sure you guys will be able to get a ton out of this!

In other news I started doing strength and conditioning with the “Training for Warriors” guys and am already seeing great improvements. I’ve also started wrestling again as my neck is feeling much better. I’m a sore but happy man!

Be sure to check in next week for a look at “MMA Road” in Phuket and the atmosphere in a part of the world which was designed to be an MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ training camp getaway. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever been too…

Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment and let me know if you want more videos like this with guest black belts!

P.S. This is the last blog post that was filmed without the new microphone, but I just wanted to film something with Dan before he left. From next week on the audio will be much better!

BJJ Drills with Dan Simmler

BJJ Drills with Dan Simmler