Bangkok – Phuket: Settling Into the Grind


Hey guys, hope everyone is doing awesome!

So first things first, sorry for not updating the blog these past couple weeks. I’ve been scolded by quite a lot of people about it (although Tauquil definitely gets credit for doing it in the most polite/British manner possible!). I promise you guys that this has nothing to do with my laziness/ADD, just a bit with my lack of organizational skills. lol. But on the bright side of things I have a new microphone for the Gopro so the sound quality on the Videos has improved tenfold!

I’m finally in Phuket and training BJJ under Olavo Abreau and also training a bit of wrestling under the Leone brothers at PTT . The lifestyle here is pretty easy and fun, especially compared to Rio. I train 2-3 times a day, I have a little scooter (moped) I cruise around on and I get to go to some beautiful beaches on the weekend and learn to surf. Life is good right now.

Anyway here’s an update of what’s going on, a look at Phuket and a preview of entries to come (which I’m super excited about!).

Hope you guys enjoy!


Bangkok - Phuket: Settling Into the Grind

Bangkok – Phuket: Settling Into the Grind

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