Checkmat 2013 Worlds Training Camp – Feeling Ready


Hey guy, so as most of you have seen through the facebook page I’m in California now taking part of the Checkmat team 2013 worlds training camp. Basically everyday there is one organized training session at a random Checkmat academy in Los Angeles. Leo Vieira teaches the classes and they are intense! It’s been pretty cool seeing people like Buchecha, Cavaca and Lapella (check out the pic bellow the video) walking around and I’ve also gotten some great training in with the other blue and purple belts.

I feel super confident going in to the biggest competition of my life and it’s mostly due to some things that I went through off the mat and I promise that once the Worlds are over I’ll suck it up and share with you guys the process I went through.

Here is a little clip about this past week. Hope you enjoy and wish me luck!

Checkmat Pre 2013 Worlds Training Camp

Checkmat Pre 2013 Worlds Training Camp

4 thoughts on “Checkmat 2013 Worlds Training Camp – Feeling Ready

  1. What an awesome experience & opportunities you are having, love following your V-blog & seeing what you are up to & the training you are getting. Living my virtual life through you man!!!

    All the luck in the world for the worlds!!!!…looking forward to seeing how you got on.
    Stay fit stay safe stay strong bro!!

    • Thanks Kevin! Glad to hear people are enjoying the blog and I raelly appreciate the support! I hope we can meet up again sometime…

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