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Hey guys, this post is a follow up from the “How the Journey Began” blog post. In This blog entry I talk about trying to find a place for the first time in Bangkok and the difficulties that come along with it. I also share how the first BJJ class I had ever attended felt like and offer a formal apology to all my early training partners!

I hope you enjoy!

Like finding a needle in a haystack

So a couple of days after receiving the info on where to train from Zohan I decided to go check out BKK/BJJ. It was at the end of September and around the end of the rainy season in Thailand. Since I had been in Thailand for only about a week at the time and I didn’t really know what to expect as far as how long it would take me to arrive somewhere for the first time. I must explain that Bangkok isn’t exactly the easiest city to navigate it. There are a lot of one way streets, the buildings aren’t always numbered and at times it can be a real mess.

I wanted to give myself a chunk of spare time so that I can get there early and show respect to the instructor and introduce myself, but when I walked out of my apartment there was a pretty intense monsoon going on and apparently Thai cab drivers prefer to nap in their cabs rather than take a passenger when it rains because of the traffic. So after trying to catch a cab for 15 minutes and getting completely soaked in the process one cab driver agreed to take me and after a long traffic congested ride (and a couple stops to check if we were at the right place or not) I was finally at the gym! I thanked the cab driver while feeling very proud and cultured that I knew how to say thanks in Thai and went inside.

I Train UFC!

When I walked into the gym I was greeted at the reception by a pretty Asian American girl who told me that she was also the yoga instructor at the gym (This was also the day that I learned that Asian people can get upset if by accident you think they are from a different country in Asia then they are actually from. Or of Thai decent instead of Korean decent in this case…)

She helped me find a gi I could use for the day and I rushed onto the mat. Class had already started fifteen minutes ago and I was immediately paired with a green belt to start pummeling. He said his name was Lorne and asked what was mine, I said Itamar to which he surprisingly responded in Hebrew “Ohh you’re Israeli!”. After we exchanged a couple niceties there was a booming voice from behind us yelling “shalom, shalom! Get to work!.” Those where the first words I heard from Professor Adam Kayoom. lol.
During the class we worked on x guard sweeps and although I didn’t really know what a regular guard was I felt like I understood the specific things he showed and how they manipulated joints and worked. We sparred at the end of class and I had a blast. I didn’t really know what to do so I just figured I would compensate for it with a ton of aggression and power (I’m around 6’1″ and 90 kilos). Don’t you love newbies that are like that?! I did have some success and was able to catch two other white belts with really sloppy rear naked chokes which I improvised from what I saw in UFC matches. I know, I know! I was definitely that guy at the start. To everyone, you may consider this my formal apology. Sorry!
After the class ended I talked with Professor Adam a bit, bought a gi and signed up for three months!
BKK/BJJ was where I spent my first 6 months of training and is where my journey began. That first class will always be a found and special memory for me. It’s where without me realizing it my life started to change…

Anyone else have found memories of their first class? Can you still remember the feel and experience of the first time you stepped on the mats?

Professor Adam and I after a No-Gi Class

Professor Adam and I after a No-Gi Class

3 thoughts on “My First BJJ Class

  1. hahaha great read, well if you was ‘that guy’ I was ‘that girl’. On my first lesson my way of trying to get out of closed guard in sparring was elbow striking my partners thighs as hard as I could! Being only 5ft2 and 50kg at the time and my partner being Victor Estima the only real effect it had was Victor trying hard not to crack up laughing lol

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