Here We Go!


All right guys and gals, welcome to my blog. I feel like I’m on a fairly unique journey and I think that a lot of people might find this blog interesting and informative. My goal is to win the Mundials (world championship) at the black belt level in Brazilian jiu jitsu and this blog will follow my travels around the world as I seek out the best places to train so that I can give myself the best shot at achieving this goal. I will also report on the competitions I participate in and the ups and downs of this lifestyle.
So who am I? My name is Itamar Marani but I’m known on the mats of Rio as “quebre osso” (or bone crusher in English lol). I’m 24 and I was born in Israel but also spent 6 years of my childhood in the USA. After I did my three year military service back in Israel I went into the federal air marshal service for two and a half years. During that period I also spent time doing security at airports abroad and I lived half a year in Mumbai, India and half a year in Bangkok, Thailand. I am the middle child in an amazing family which I am very blessed to be a part of and who have truly supported me immensely on my venture off the beaten path. I thank them for everything and this blog is dedicated to them.

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