Back to Bangkok, A City I Once Called Home

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing as well as I am! :)

First off sorry for not updating the blog for a bit. I was traveling and between saying goodbye to my family in Israel and just enjoying my time with a very special person whom I don’t get to see as much as I would like to in Bangkok I didn’t have a lot of spare time…

So after Spending an amazing month and a half at home with family and friends it was time to continue on to the next part of my journey.

The plan was to head over to Phuket, Thailand and train with the guys over at Phuket Top Team, but since I had lived in Bangkok for a while and had a lot of friends there I decided to drop by and hang out for 2 weeks before heading over to Phuket.
Bangkok is one of my favorite cities in the world and I always feel at home there. In all honesty if the BJJ scene there could fulfill my competition needs I would easily move there today and I can’t rule out the possibility that one day in the future after I’m done competing I’ll find myself back there teaching.

While I was there, aside from hanging out with old friends I worked rigorously on my yoga practice with kru Minyoung and saw some major major improvements. I also got to train with some of my old training partners and had a blast!

Anyway here’s how Bangkok looks through my eyes.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and I’m happy to say that I should have a new microphone by next week and the sound quality of the entries will improve! :)

Bangkok: yoga, friends and BJJ

Bangkok: Yoga, Friends and BJJ

BJJ Religion and The Hybrid Pass

Hey guys, hope everyone is awesome!

So like some of you guys have seen from Facebook and previous blog posts I’m now affiliated with BJJ Religion and

If you’re a follower of the blog then you know the extremes that I put myself through in order to be successful and how I try to nitpick at all the details of becoming a successful BJJ player from technique, to yoga, to nutrition and so on. Choosing a proper Gi to compete in is no different in my opinion as it can make life much easier in competition. In the first part of the video I’ll show why I choose to compete in my BJJ Religion Genesis Gi.

As for the technique portion, I really try to take away the best aspects I can from every teacher I study under and mesh it all together for optimal efficiency.  This refined technique is the result of that and my implementation of Kobe Bryant’s drilling philosophy (which has been a total game changer!). I think it’s pretty solid and I’m very happy and proud that I’m in a place where I’m starting to amass enough conceptual knowledge of BJJ to be able to play around and string moves like this together! With that being said please let me know if you find any holes in it!

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Please like, comment and share!

P.S. If you have problems balancing and staying steady while stepping on people’s feet, then working a little bit on your knee stability can do wonders. If you don’t know how to go about it check out the video I made called: ”Top 3 Knee Stability Exercises for BJJ” video at

BJJ Religion and The Hybrid Pass

BJJ Religion and The Hybrid Pass


Brazlian Jew Jitsu – A Day in the Land of the Zohan

Hey guys, how’s everyone doing?

So I’m back home and back to my normal training routine. I wanted to publish a blog entry about how my day to day life in Israel looks as well show you guys how the BJJ scene out  here is… And yeah, sorry, but I had to throw the Zohan bit in there. lol. No one messes with the Zohan!

On a personal note I’m really enjoying being back. My family is nothing short of amazing  and I’m so grateful that I get to have people of their quality around me. Training is going well, everyone is super friendly and it’s really awesome to see how everyone is supporting my journey and trying to help however they can.

Like you guys are about to see I’ve been training with the MMA Israel crew and they are a great group of guys. I’ve been doing about 8 sessions of BJJ a week and about 2-3 more conditioning workouts.

The only downside on this visit so far is something that I’ve noticed and can’t be ignored, which is my fading interest in what some of my friends, aside from a select few, are into nowadays. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I probably went through a couple years worth of crazy experiences since I was last home and that kind of excelled some things in my personal outlook on life or the fact that I’ve truly adopted the BJJ lifestyle, but it’s getting gradually harder for me to truly enjoy myself around the majority of people that I know from my age group and connect. It’s kind of weird and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I would love to hear if anyone else has gone through something like this.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this video blog entry and let me know what you want to see of Israel and I’ll try to make it happen.

Also in case you didn’t notice from FB and such I got picked up by BJJ Religion and! I really love their Gi and will be posting up a review about it as well as showing a high percentage pass + choke combo where having a Gi like their’s makes everything much easier in an upcoming episode. Make sure to stay tuned for it!

P.S. The soundtrack is an awesome calibration by Infected Mushroom and Berry Sakharov called “Yomoledet”. They’re both Israeli artists and Infected are one of my favorites to listen to while working out. I highly recommend checking them out on Youtube!

Jew Jitsu at MMA Israel

Jew Jitsu at MMA Israel

Hawaii – L.A. – Israel. I’m Home!

Hey guys, hope everyone is doing well!

In this video blog entry I share my experiences from the week that I flew from Hawaii to L.A., competed in the IBJJF American Nationals with a high fever and my thoughts about it, flying back home hurt and sick and give you guys a glimpse of Tel Aviv.

Spoiler alert: there are no bombs going off!

On a side note I’m super happy to be back home. I have an amazing family and group of friends and I’m just really enjoying their company and hearing what’s been going on with them while I’ve been away. Aside from that Tel Aviv is just a flat out awesome city and I look forward to showing it and it’s BJJ scene off in the next blog entry!

Stay tuned for more awesomeness from Israel and if anyone has any questions about Israel or wants to see how something looks leave a comment and let me know!



Back home

Back Home

A Day at North Shore Oahu BJJ and Jeff Glover’s “Thug Life”

Hey guys, hope everyone is well!
So I know I’m a little behind as I’m not in Hawaii anymore, but I wanted to share this BJJ lifestyle blog entry with yall. haha.

In this episode I show you guys a bit around the north shore of Oahu (the island of Hawaii that Honolulu and Waikiki are on) and also share a little clip from the Jeff Glover seminar I attended while there where Jeff shows his “Thug Life” move. Although Jeff doesn’t show any technique in this clip I think what he says in the end is great food for thought and I just wanted everyone to be able to see it.
I really enjoyed Jeff’s seminar and definitely recommend attending one if you have the chance…
Thug life brings with it an interesting debate in my eyes.
On one hand I believe you should try being technical in the academy and get swept/learn if someone is better technically then you and save the thuging for the tournaments, but on the other hand you compete how you train so it’s hard to say that. Honestly, I’m not really sure what to do with it yet. Maybe I’ll just keep being chill and improving the technical aspect of my BJJ and just thug it out when training intensely 2 weeks or so before a comp to get used to it.

Anyway I hope you enjoy and please leave a comment below and let me know what your opinion is about Jeff’s “Thug Life” concept. I’m really interested to hear what other people think about this!
P.S. If you’re ever in Oahu make sure to drop into Fowler’s academy there, you won’t be disappointed!

A Day at North Shore Oahu and Jeff Glover's Thug Life

A Day at North Shore Oahu and Jeff Glover’s Thug Life

The Mustache Choke 2.0

Hey guys,
I’ve been training hard for the nationals out here and took a little breather on Friday to have some fun and goof around while rolling (instead of going full steam). Anyway long story short “the mustache choke 2.0″ was born this week and I wanted to share it with yall!

Hope you guys enjoy my contribution to the evolution of the art! Jiu jitsu has no end!! haha…

The Mustache Choke 2.0z

The Mustache Choke 2.0

Back In Waikiki

Hey guys! So I haven’t updated the vlog in a little bit, but I’m back in Waikiki and back to the BJJ lifestyle. I’m happy to say that I’m healthy again and training at a 100%.

For anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet I put out the Top 3 Knee Stability Exercises for BJJ/MMA instructional and it’s gotten a really good response and over 800 hits on YouTube so far which I think is pretty cool! So again if anyone has any requests for me to put together more videos of that nature let me know and stay tuned for “The Mustache Choke 2.0″ video I’m going to drop soon. ;)

Hope everyone is well!



Back in Waikiki

Back in Waikiki

Top 3 Knee Stability Exercises for BJJ/MMA

Hey guys, so I decided to put together a video to help out my fellow BJJ players to improve their knee stability, balance and stay knee injury free.

In this video I first establish the need for proper knee stability in BJJ by sharing some clips of how the top level fighter’s game’s benefit from it and then share my top 3 exercises that you can perform at home to improve your balance.

I got inspired to put this together after watching the great great tutorials from this past week and wanted to also put something out there that could benefit the BJJ community. I really recommend checking his videos out! He’s put together some phenomenal stuff!

I hope you guys enjoy!

If anyone wants me to put more stuff like this together please leave a comment with a request and I’ll be happy to do it. Ohh and please share the video with your friends! :)



knee stability for BJJ

knee stability for BJJ

A Break From the Grind – Hawaiian Vacation

Hey guys, so after a year and a half of nonstop rigorous training trying to catch up to all the guys that have been training BJJ since they were little kids I decided to allow myself to take a break.

A friend of mine who I met while traveling in Thailand invited me to come out to Hawaii to hang out and I just couldn’t resist. I can’t explain how happy I am to be here! I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I got here.

Anyway I hope you enjoy the video, I’m on cloud nine right now!


Wikiki Beach

Wikiki Beach

NABJJF L.A. Open Part 1 – No Gi

Hey guys, so this past weekend I competed in the NABJJF’s L.A. Open and decided to challenge myself by doing no gi as well. I train almost exclusively in the gi, but I figured that I’ll probably pick up something that will better me by doing the no gi division so I went for it and had a great time. I got to meet some new Checkmat teammates that I only knew through facebook pics and I also learned a lot.

Like I’ve said before everything is a process and this just showed me that I’m taking steps in the right direction towards next years World Championships.

Thanks to everyone who was there, to everyone who I’ve been training with this past month in California and everyone out there who’s been sending messages of support and good vibes.

On a side note I want to say again that I’m truly surprised and humbled by the messages I receive sometimes from people and although I never really gave any thought to how starting this blog might affect those outside my immediate circle of friends and family, it’s awesome to hear that people have been able to gain something from following it. Hearing these things always gives me great joy. Thank you!

Hope you guys enjoy the video and a special shout out to Brandon Grayson who will surely watch this video tediously and then send me a message saying that he’s got my number now and that he thinks he can beat me…

P.S. If you know Brandon and his trash talking ways leave a comment to show him your love. lol