Guest Post – How to tape your fingers for BJJ and Judo

For a little change of pace I’m going to share a video done by someone else. Every once in a while I plann on sharing content that isn’t mine as long as I believe that it’s worthwhile either for BJJ or just life in general. If anyone ever wants to do a guest spot let me know!

My good friend, Dan Simmler, was nice enough to make a video explaining how to properly tape your fingers for BJJ and judo. I’ve started to tape my fingers like this and others in my academy have followed suit. It’s great because it protects the joints but still allows your finger to bend properly. I definitely recommend it.

Dan is a black belt in BJJ, and has trained extensively in Sambo and Judo. He is also the head coach of the Abusado Team in Worcester, MS.

Check out his blog at WWW.DANSIMMLER.COM.

The Rio De Janeiro State Championships

Hey guys, sorry for not posting this past weekend but things were a little crazy. I was able to finally find an apartment and move in while also competing on Sunday. I also started a little blog fan page at that I update daily with cool photos, videos and such…

Anyway here’s the next episode “The Rio De Janeiro State Championships”.  Hope you guys enjoy it!

P.S. I’ve been getting a couple requests for subjects that people want me to do an episode about and I plan on doing most of them fairly soon. So if any of you guys have a request I’d be happy to hear it!

First Video! a look back at the past year

So on the flight from Tel Aviv to New York I had a lot of time to kill and figured I might as well try to figure out the video editor that I’m going to be using for the vlog. After a bit of playing around and always thinking that it would be really cool if I had a highlight reel of my own here it is, my first little video project… I hope you enjoy!!


A Good Place to Start From

I’ve been planing to launch a blog for almost a year now but it’s never happened for some reason. I guess I just didn’t think it was important enough for me to put the time and effort into it.

A couple of days ago I wrote a long post on FB about the past year in my life and i really enjoyed writing and sharing it. The post also  received a ton of positive attention in the form of likes, comments and even shares, some by people I’ve never met and after seeing and enjoying the out pour of support i decided to go ahead and launch IMBJJ (Itamar Marani BJJ)!
This blog/vlog is going to be something special for me where i get to share my journey with everyone. I figured there’s no better way to start it then with that aforementioned FB post. So here it is and I hope you enjoy!


so it’s been one year since i decided to walk the path less taken and by myself a ticket for a 6 months stay in Rio to see if I could do this jiu jitsu thing for real. looking back i couldn’t be any happier. I got to meet so many interesting people, see a lot of new and interesting places and experience things i just wouldn’t have if i had just gone to uni like I was planning to. I lived in Rio Brazil , Worcest (MS) USA, Tel Aviv Israel, Bangkok and Phuket Thailand and was blown away and humbled by the generosity i was shown by some along my travels and was also surprised at the negativity i got from some and came to understand where it really came from.

I learnt just how much you can’t take even the little things, like speaking the language and being able to communicate and enjoy people’s company for granted (honestly if it weren’t for skype and viber i think i might have gone nuts). I also saw how much being humble and working hard will earn you the respect and friendship of people who you yourself admire and how much people are wiling to give of themselves when you yourself are selfless.
there where a lot of ups and downs, wins and losses, disappointments and hardships but i grew tremendously because of each and every one of them. i understood the meaning of doing what you love and looking back it’s kind of cool to see what i was willing to put up with at times in order to that while just being grateful for the opportunity. i slept in guest houses, hostels, apartments and gym mats and my entire day was built around training, sleeping and eating. I studied the art with a focus and dedication but also gave focus to the “off the mat” part of the BJJ spirit and started to understand what kind of martial artist i want to aspire to be.
on the professional side of things i got promoted to blue belt and had a record of 23-7 and was able to learn from all 7 of my losses. it was a good year but i hope to dwarf it this year and i’m stoked to head back to rio tomorrow, train my ass off and try to achieve my goal of becoming a world champion this year.
on the personal side i can only hope that this year goes as well and ill be able to grow as much as i did last year. It’s really amazing to be able to look back and see how much i’ve changed.
All in all i had an amazing year and as much as i dread the though of being apart from my girlfriend for 5 months i’m looking forward to this next chapter in brazil and cali.
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone i’ve met and hung out with along way, everyone who’s gone out of their way to help me, to everyone who’s supported me (you’ll be surprised how far a message on FB can go when you’re alone in a foreign country lol) and most of all to Minyoung Kim for all the endless support.
sorry for the long rant!
all i can say is that i can’t agree more with that saying: “quit your job, travel the world, do martial arts, be awesome”
there are way way to many people to tag in this post but i truly appreciate all the friendships i’ve made… thanks for a great year guys!