Checkmat Team BBQ at the Favela Cantagalo

Ever wonder how a BBQ/party in a Favela in Rio would look like? Well this Saturday after finishing up the morning BJJ session the entire Fightzone/Checkmat team headed up to the Favela Cantagalo to celebrate Philipe’s birthday by having a big BBQ. A lot of the guys from the team are from Cantagalo and came up through Ricardo’s BJJ social project so I’ve actually been up there quite a lot..

Antonio, one of the instructors over at the project, was nice enough to host the party on his rooftop. Antonio is a super nice guy and also the father of two ridiculously talented kids, “the Gomes Brothers” who you will definitely hear about in the future!

I hope you guys enjoy this entry and feel free to share!



favela bbq

The Checkmat Rio team