Post 2013 IBJJF Worlds: Thoughts and Reflections part 2 – Perspective

Hey guys, here’s the follow up blog entry to the Post 2013 IBJJF Worlds: Thought and Reflections Part 1 – The process video I put up earlier in the week.

In this vlog entry I share why my perspective on what life experiences mean to us as people changed and what my plans are moving forward as well as just saying a huge thank you to everyone for all the support!

I hope you enjoy!

If anyone wants to share their thoughts on these subjects, I’d be really happy to hear them so please leave a comment!


I Can't explained how much I gained by going through all of this!

I Can’t explained how much I gained by going through all of this!

2013 IBJJF Worlds – The Fights

Hey guys, so as most of you know I competed in the 2013 IBJJF Worlds Thursday and tried to achieve my goal of becoming a world champion. In this video post I share my battles and my journey from this monumental day.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for all the support and well wishes both before and after. I am so grateful to have made it to this point in my life and I owe a lot of that to the generosity of many and I want to say thank you. This will not deter me, but will make me stronger and hungrier.

Hope you guys enjoy the video….


2013 IBJJF Worlds

2013 IBJJF Worlds

Copa Do Brasil – The Process Continues…

So as those of you who are following the “Itamar Marani BJJ” Facebook page know, I competed in the “Copa Do Brasil” last week and things didn’t go so well. This is a post about the competition itself and how things were in the immediate aftermath.

Oddly enough I really enjoyed making this video and I’m really looking forward to making the next one where I’ll share my insights from this experience with you guys.

On a side note it’s really nice to receive all these messages of support from everyone and I just wanted to say thanks!

Hope you enjoy!

Guest Post – How to tape your fingers for BJJ and Judo

For a little change of pace I’m going to share a video done by someone else. Every once in a while I plann on sharing content that isn’t mine as long as I believe that it’s worthwhile either for BJJ or just life in general. If anyone ever wants to do a guest spot let me know!

My good friend, Dan Simmler, was nice enough to make a video explaining how to properly tape your fingers for BJJ and judo. I’ve started to tape my fingers like this and others in my academy have followed suit. It’s great because it protects the joints but still allows your finger to bend properly. I definitely recommend it.

Dan is a black belt in BJJ, and has trained extensively in Sambo and Judo. He is also the head coach of the Abusado Team in Worcester, MS.

Check out his blog at WWW.DANSIMMLER.COM.

The Rio De Janeiro State Championships

Hey guys, sorry for not posting this past weekend but things were a little crazy. I was able to finally find an apartment and move in while also competing on Sunday. I also started a little blog fan page at that I update daily with cool photos, videos and such…

Anyway here’s the next episode “The Rio De Janeiro State Championships”.  Hope you guys enjoy it!

P.S. I’ve been getting a couple requests for subjects that people want me to do an episode about and I plan on doing most of them fairly soon. So if any of you guys have a request I’d be happy to hear it!