Top 3 Knee Stability Exercises for BJJ/MMA


Hey guys, so I decided to put together a video to help out my fellow BJJ players to improve their knee stability, balance and stay knee injury free.

In this video I first establish the need for proper knee stability in BJJ by sharing some clips of how the top level fighter’s game’s benefit from it and then share my top 3 exercises that you can perform at home to improve your balance.

I got inspired to put this together after watching the great great tutorials from this past week and wanted to also put something out there that could benefit the BJJ community. I really recommend checking his videos out! He’s put together some phenomenal stuff!

I hope you guys enjoy!

If anyone wants me to put more stuff like this together please leave a comment with a request and I’ll be happy to do it. Ohh and please share the video with your friends! :)



knee stability for BJJ

knee stability for BJJ

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